Recording Engineer

I have recorded classical ensembles, bands, solo instruments and (group) vocals. Possibly familiar names to be mentioned are the Phion Orchestra in collaboration with Leo Peterson and highschool CSG Het Noordik as well as (classical) musicians from the ArtEZ Conservatory in Zwolle & Enschede (the Netherlands) and students from the student association Taste.

Boom operating is something I am also familiar with and is something I am good at with assisting.


In the east of the Netherlands I have been in multiple orchestra’s as a pianist. When I stopped having piano lessons in 2017, interests in the bass guitar guitar and other random percussion instruments have started. These skills are still used when composing music. I also consider myself a vocalist since this is something I often use in sound design and singing.

Production/sound design

In my free time I create tons of electronic indie music with peruvian and south american influences. This practice makes me familliar with electronic music production, songwriting and electronic sound design.

As a sound designer I’ve worked on multiple game projects with students of Mediacollege Amsterdam, on a (practice) project trailer from ‘Warhammer‘ with Dynamedion and several game jams. Also for (commercial) companies like Hilterman, film production company Okay Studios, organization Arnhem Groen.


While working with Omnisound (remote, August 2022 – December 2022) and with Valgeir Siggurdson, the Greenhouse Studios (Reykjavik, January 2023 – March 2023) I have been trained to create professional audio in Pro tools for several kinds of media (documentaries, commercials, short movies, art installations, theatre, films, fantasy and historic games. As well as professionally scoring everything in Sibelius.

Personally I started working in Ableton for all audio related work, lately I use Ableton for electronic audio and Logic Pro X for orchestral music on my Mac Mini M2 pro. I mostly score in Musescore and Sibelius.

Photos by: Sam Waitin