Who am I?

My name is Thalisa Jagt also known as Chachanii. I’m a composer for films and games. I also work as a producer where I produce my own music as an artist and work as an recording engineer. I’m currently studying Composing for Film & Games at MediaMusic, ArtEZ University of the Arts in the Netherlands.


In 2019 I was asked to compose music for a trailer made by students for a local showcase called ‘F(r)ame’. In 2021 I made music for a student animation project called ‘Plague of Nijmegen’ that will be shown on a national learning website for kids called ‘SchoolTV’. For students of Mediacollege Amsterdam I have composed music for working marine games.

I have (and still do write/) written and composed multiple pieces for piano solo’s and orchestra (without depending on video). With other composers from my study, I have written a piece called ‘Little Mouse Adventure’ played by musicians from the orchestra Phion (Orchestra of Overijssel and Gelderland in the Netherlands).

Recording Engineer

Being a composer it is important for me to be able to record classical instruments as well. So far I have recorded instrumentals and vocals for other students, music teacher(s) and professionally for student association ‘Taste’ a 24 songs CD. For Leo Petersen (famous Dutch puppeteer) I have recorded short classical fragments with musicians from Phion. This was done together with fellow recording engineer and composer Titus Drissen (https://titusdrissencomposer.webflow.io/).


My music is yet to be released. A short explanation on what to expect would be Indie electronic music with my own vocals. As a sound designer I’ve worked on multiple game projects with students of Mediacollege Amsterdam and on (practice) project trailer from ‘Warhammer’ with Dynamedion.


I have been a pianist in my local orchestra and was also a pianist in multiple events and orchestra at Highschool. When I stopped having piano lessons in 2018, interests in the bass, drums, guitar and other random instruments (like the Quena, panflute and ocarina) started (non-professionally). I also like to call myself a hobby singer.